thisspookyuniverse it’s only a 4 octave keyboard!!! jsyk!!

thisspookyuniverse it’s only a 4 octave keyboard!!! jsyk!!


my mind only associates with raleigh with nice people and fun times and loud music

tombo crush - mid heat wave demo
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are you feeling okay
am i in ur way
please let me know

i wanna be gentle 
i wanna be clean
i wanna be everything

i wanna be anything



Small Wonder - Ball Lightning
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Small Wonder - Ball Lightning 

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i’m starting to make music i like again
here’s a new song with drums i did… what do you think

a lot to record on it still (and i’m redoing the guitar and vox) but here you go i hope you like it because i’m excited so far

why… aren’t we in a band together yet….

Archers Of Loaf - Scenic Pastures
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im really honestly sorry

S - Not A Problem
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Another forced dead smile
Another stupid story
Breakfast in the bathroom
I can’t do this one more day

What’s in my back pocket?
What happened to my face?
Some years I can’t remember
They don’t seem so far away

Putting on my headphones
Walking down the stares
I thought I might be dying
But it’s just too hard to change

Don’t think about the next day
Now is all that I can bear
I can’t see how you do it
It’s not a problem; it’s not fair

I so much want to tell you
All the bad things that I’ve done today
And then again tomorrow
But I swallowed it away

And I just kept on drinking
I wasn’t even talking
I surely wasn’t making
Any sense at all